Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Before & After: my bedroom

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Initially, the idea was to keep the wall color as is, however, my love for white spoke louder to me. I painted the entire room White Dove(trims, doors,ceiling and walls). Hubby was worried, but I promised I would use colors on everything else. It worked!! I still need to add a headboard, a comfy chair and art.  


Brooke said...

It's beautiful!! I love how soft and restful it looks- perfect bedroom look! I'm glad you're back to posting, I've missed you!

Jessica said...

Beautiful room. Your home is really shaping up and looking so lovely.

Tracy @

Dante Storey said...

Thank goodness you tried to add some colors to balance the color harmony of your room or else, it would look like a hospital suite! Haha! Anyway, the transformation is great. It looked more comfortable and refreshing.



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